About the Community Indicators Project

Last year, the Council and Mayor adopted a new City vision, values, and goals & strategic directions. We see these items as telling us what we want to achieve through our work.

The community indicators project will establish measures to tell us how successful the City is at achieving our goals. This project has two parts: defining what success looks like and establishing measures. The community (YOU!) has an important role – we need you to tell us what Minneapolis looks like when we accomplish our goals. What does Living Well mean to those who live, work, and play in Minneapolis? (e.g. Connected neighborhoods? Access to amenities? Safe streets?) We will use outreach and crowdsourcing technology to generate themes within each of our goals and have you vote to tell us how you want us to gauge success. Then, in collaboration with our Boards and Commissions and City staff, the City will develop measures within your top themes.

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