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Community policing in Mpls

There's a lack of trust - driven by fear and misunderstandings - between the Mpls police and the community it serves. This trust is a contributing factor to Mpls having one of the worst racial disparities in the US. It makes everyone - the community *and* the police - less safe and makes life difficult for folks who have run-ins with the law to bounce back to becoming a productive member of the community. It's an unfortunate... more »


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Possessing a Small Amt of Cannabis Should Result in a Civil Fine

Currently in Minnesota, possession of less than 1.5 ounces (42.5g) of cannabis is a petty misdemeanor. While this is certainly preferable to a felony, the fact is that a petty misdemeanor is still a criminal offense with the potential to wreak long-term harm. Repercussions include having the citation show up on some background checks, being banned from taking out federal student loans for a year [1], and not being allowed... more »


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