A Hub of Economic Activity & Innovation

Incentives available to green/clean/sustainably minded businesss

Continue to make incentives available to businesses, with fees that they pay, for innovative clean technology projects that result in measurably cleaner communities, stronger businesses and healthier working conditions. Leverage investments that are mutually beneficial to businesses and their surrounding communities (ie. especially in areas of inequity). Auto body shops, dry cleaners, printers, plating companies, foundries,... more »


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A City that Works


Residential and commercial rental property owners are held accountable for the livability/workability of their properties, the physical condition/appearance of the building's interior and exterior, and the property's grounds/landscape.


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Great Places

Minneapolis Late Night Coalition

Establish an entity, modeled after the San Francisco Late Coalition, that would focus on various aspects of the Minneapolis Entertainment Industry, including but not limited to, Safety, Diversification, Policy, et al.


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A City that Works

Business Districts are Destinations

When implementing the new bicycle paths in the City, take into account their affect on our small business districts. The bicycle lanes can kill a business district when they displace parking. There is no mention in the Bicycle Plan for Minneapolis of coordinating with existing business districts, yet, these small business hubs are vital to the neighborhoods. City plans that will reduce these businesses ability to provide... more »


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A City that Works

Vehicle Parking

Car counts per 1,000 residents are unlikely to change for the next 40 years (Victoria Transport Policy Institute, August 2014). What will change is the engine and fuel running them. It seems foolish to plan for something to go away that isn't going to go away, but likely increase with population density up to the year 2060. That said, where will all of those cars fit in any plan the City might put forth? It simply... more »


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Living Well

Shrink Government

Shrink the size of Minneapolis government. Business in this city is tied hand and foot in every conceivable way. We need fewer laws and regulations; we need the freedom to be productive. Our city government needs to get out of the way so individuals and businesses can make wealth.


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