One Minneapolis

Poverty in Minneapolis

A successful city should implement policies targeted at eliminating the inequity in who experiences poverty (there are differences by race, family status, age, veteran status, etc). To keep our city liveable for all, we should figure out the minimum income necessary to live in Minneapolis for a single person, family of four, and person who has retired, and keep that number in mind when designing programs and policies.... more »


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Living Well

Stop Incinerating Recyclables at the Garbage Burner (HERC)

After almost 30 years of polluting the communities of our city with toxic emissions (and now the "open air" Twins Stadium), it is time to transition away from burning recyclables and compostables in the heart of Minneapolis. The contract allowing Hennepin County to incinerate 1000 tons of refuse per day at HERC--regardless of our recycling rate--ends in 2018. We should not have to breathe the same amount of airborne... more »


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A City that Works

Crosswalk Enforcement Prioritized.

Direct Minneapolis Police to enforce the State of MN pedestrian laws, focusing on the crosswalk law. This is seldom observed or enforced. To make major change all we need to do in enforce laws already on the books.


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