Great Places

Develop a long term plan to bury powerlines

Buried powerlines remove an aesthetic blight from our city and make our transmission lines less susceptible to damage from extreme weather events and resulting power outages. We need a longterm plan with Xcel to bury these lines, something considered standard in new suburban development but "too expensive" for the urban core. This investment will create jobs as it is implemented.


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One Minneapolis

Minneapolis Artists in Minneapolis Locations

Support the arts in Minneapolis and the artists living here by offering use of public spaces in the city - buildings and parks - for performances and showings. Give local musicians, actors, dancers, and visual artists the opportunity to bring their work to their neighbors and community by showcasing the talent in this city and providing financial support for these showcases.


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Great Places

parking meter access and cost

increase the number of street parking spaces and keep the cost low, this is something that really makes the city livable, being able to come downtown or to another hub like uptown on any night and find an inexpensive place to park for a dinner and show.


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A City that Works

Crosswalk Enforcement Prioritized.

Direct Minneapolis Police to enforce the State of MN pedestrian laws, focusing on the crosswalk law. This is seldom observed or enforced. To make major change all we need to do in enforce laws already on the books.


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