Living Well

Shrink Government

Shrink the size of Minneapolis government. Business in this city is tied hand and foot in every conceivable way. We need fewer laws and regulations; we need the freedom to be productive. Our city government needs to get out of the way so individuals and businesses can make wealth.


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A Hub of Economic Activity & Innovation

Incentives available to green/clean/sustainably minded businesss

Continue to make incentives available to businesses, with fees that they pay, for innovative clean technology projects that result in measurably cleaner communities, stronger businesses and healthier working conditions. Leverage investments that are mutually beneficial to businesses and their surrounding communities (ie. especially in areas of inequity). Auto body shops, dry cleaners, printers, plating companies, foundries,... more »


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One Minneapolis

Have the City of Minneapolis train its Neighborhood/Community Organizations in order to better serve its diverse neighborhoods

Look at eligibility criteria for loans from neighborhood/community organizations and councils, neighborhood/community organizations must be trained in working with different communities.


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A City that Works

Possessing a Small Amt of Cannabis Should Result in a Civil Fine

Currently in Minnesota, possession of less than 1.5 ounces (42.5g) of cannabis is a petty misdemeanor. While this is certainly preferable to a felony, the fact is that a petty misdemeanor is still a criminal offense with the potential to wreak long-term harm. Repercussions include having the citation show up on some background checks, being banned from taking out federal student loans for a year [1], and not being allowed... more »


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