One Minneapolis

Use collective action to listen to and address the needs of minority and low-income communities.

The City needs to talk to cultural groups together and not segment them all the time. Bring back Mayor's Council so all underrepresented communities can sit with the Mayor together and communicate together instead of separately in City interactions.


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Great Places

Minneapolis Late Night Coalition

Establish an entity, modeled after the San Francisco Late Coalition, that would focus on various aspects of the Minneapolis Entertainment Industry, including but not limited to, Safety, Diversification, Policy, et al.


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A City that Works

Parental Leave

The City of Minneapolis will lead way and become an example to other employers in regards to work/life balance by raising the bar and offering employees paid parental leave (equal for men and women) in the event of a birth/adoption of a child. This is important as we trying to replace an aging workforce by recruiting new talent. Other municipalites have implemented (Brooklyn Park) or discussed (St. Paul) this idea already.... more »


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