Living Well

Utilize Peavy Plaza

Peavy Plaza is a great asset and should be used for:

- Brownbag lunches

- Kept Free & Public

- Used for Festivals

- Kept as a quiet respite and place to unwind


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A City that Works

Crosswalk Enforcement Prioritized.

Direct Minneapolis Police to enforce the State of MN pedestrian laws, focusing on the crosswalk law. This is seldom observed or enforced. To make major change all we need to do in enforce laws already on the books.


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One Minneapolis

Better regulation of Pedal Pubs & Party Buses!

While I'm all for supporting our local restaurants & bars through the use of Pedal Pubs & Party Buses, they've starting to become quite the nuisance in the Uptown & NE Minneapolis area. Not sure how we might better regulate them, but I'm all for the city doing a review process.


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Great Places

parking meter access and cost

increase the number of street parking spaces and keep the cost low, this is something that really makes the city livable, being able to come downtown or to another hub like uptown on any night and find an inexpensive place to park for a dinner and show.


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A Hub of Economic Activity & Innovation

Free Wireless Enterprise Zone

As part of the USI Wireless contract, Minneapolis offers free wireless in 117 hotspots that are spread around the City. There is no rhyme or reason to their location and public awareness is limited. Why not focus all those hotspots into one region to create a wireless enterprise zone? This could encourage economic growth and development, and help bridge the digital divide. We already provide these free hotspots, why ...more »


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